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Rock n roll is the best. When I first hit Ann Arbor in 82 and played a gig at Joe's Star Lounge, Niagara showed up. I was stunned as I had known of Niagara as motor city sweetheart for years, and along with the Stooges, she embodied the trans love energy of Detroit. She was the real deal, real rock n roll USA. And her presence was a commitment for me to forever kick out the motherfucking jams. Niagara is forever.
-Thurston Moore, SONIC YOUTH

"A fast-paced think piece that straddles the parallel universes of art & music"
-Jamie O'Shea, editor Juxtapoz Magazine

"It was what it was, it is what it is"

"A fascinating document, a must for any cultural archivist"
-John Holmstrom, founder of PUNK Magazine, writer High Times

Metro Times Review

Every copy signed by Niagara

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