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The Night That Never Ends (5 disc set + DVD)

Limited Editon 5-Disc Set + DVD numbered & signed by Niagara

Destroy All Monsters & Dark Carnival
Notes from the Underground by Colonel Galaxy

Hanging out with these two bands for almost half of my life... you come across some good shows and some badass. Here's a selection of both. I go for performance or sound quality (you rarely get both in one recording). And coming from an audiophile background, I know the difference between silver pressed CD's and burned CD-Rs. CD-Rs suck. These are the genuine article and should last a long time. They can be soaked in beer, washed, then played again and again (good to know & very necessary). This is Niagara and Ron Asheton at their peak. Listen to some seminal music and the band that inspired countless imitators.

USD $75.00 (includes shipping & handling)

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