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The end of 2011 has been a whirlwind of activity for the Detroit area painter and icon, Niagara. A major retrospective and two books that feature her and her early work with the legendary art collective, Destroy All Monsters were highlights of a retrospective year for one of Detroit's best known artists. Now add to it her self-published "Verbatim From The Verboten Diaries Of Niagara 1974-1976", along with some rare, never before seen photos of the chanteuse/painter highlight some of the pivotal moments in the art/noise/performance group that she founded with, Mike Kelley, Cary Loren and Jim Shaw.

"Verbatim From The Verboten Diaries Of Niagara 1974-1976 is hot on the heels of the successful Los Angeles Destroy All Monsters Retrospective, "The Return Of The Repressed- 1973-1976" at Prism Gallery in November, and the publication of 2 Destroy All Monsters books-The 300 page catalogue that accompanied the exhibit, edited by Dan Nadel & Mike Kelley and The Destroy All Monsters Magazine Anthology, which the New York Times placed onto their Top 10 Art Books to Give As Gifts this year.

"Verbatim..." a self-published small volume of selected passages from Niagara's personal diary entries from The Destroy All Monsters era with selected excerpts from the collective's most creative phase- 1974-1976, including meeting Andy Warhol, their first improvised gig, put down matches and some absolutely stunning Cary Loren photos of his then girlfriend. All entries have been recreated in Niagara's own hand, and taken-verbatim, from her own personal diaries from that era.

This full color slice of art history is a condensed word and image document by one of Detroit's most most important artists who provides a private glimpse into the world that was Destroy All Monsters.

Every copy signed by Niagara

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